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China Car Aftermarket Global Research, Taxonomy, Outlook, Trends and Forecast by 2025

China Car Aftermarket Global Research, Taxonomy, Outlook, Trends and Forecast by 2025

Afirst-hand report by Market Growth Analysis in its repository named ‘Car Aftermarket - China - November 2017.’ The research report presents a detailed analysis and insights that are supported by vital statistics and data. According to report, themaintenance of carin china are growing simultaneously with the increase in new car owners and the average rate of driving influenced by 3.5 years by 2017.the consumers are now preferring independent auto shop for the quick repairing and minor maintenance. The female car owner are paying more attention toward the frequent car maintenance or service and they have more interest towards learning maintenance information.

This Report focuses on the below mentioned areas which are briefed as:

·         The successful opportunity for independent auto shops

  • Why online to offline mode is not working in auto aftermarket in China
  • Which car owner group should service supplier’sconcentration on?

Car Aftermarket in China:

The escalating development in china automotive market has captured the attention of the global auto manufacture. Currently, China is the largest auto market at the international level which will significantly drive the demand for the car aftermarket in China. Also, the domestic automotive aftermarket is in a comparatively primary phase of growth and there are several features exceptional to the China marketplace. Additionally, Compelled by massive development in car sales, China’s stock for older vehicles, is escalating intensely and the average rate of car on road is rapidly increasing which will drive the demand for the car aftermarket product and service. Wear-out repairs/ assembly and slight repairs are the two primesections of the repair services market and is projected to remain the largest segment during the forecast period. While, considering the consumer demand is always serious in order to be able to conclude what is the correctplan to prosper.

Inclusion of the Report

The report deals with an overview and executive summary. In overview segment, market synopsis and the issue covered in the report have been included along with the significant definitions and this benefits the consumers to develop awareness about the scope of this report. This report present an in-depth understanding and analysis backed by a range of important data and statistics that include the complete market summary offering an outline of the car aftermarket in China. The top-level content and introductory is summarized to provide a gist of the issues covered in the report. The report also forecast the best and worst case of auto aftermarket market value in China. Further the report deals with the top 10 leading players in china and the consistent growth in new car sale in China. The report also talks about the average age of the car by 2017 and their guarantee period, which leads to further growth in the demand of the car product and service in the region. Hence, the further development in the component supplier chain or supplying product online. The report also deals with the emerging independent auto shops in China and the increasing number of car ownership. The report states about the choice of the driver for aftermarket service. The report also offers about the key driver and opportunities in the car aftermarket in China. The key strategies for success factor is also mentioned in the report. The average car maintenance by the car driver are also covered in this report. Lastly, the report also features the appendix data, methodology and abbreviation, fan chart forecast and consumer behavior.